One of the online resources where you can learn about the traffic fines, is shtrafy-gibdd. This service allows you to obtain accurate information about all your prescribed fines, you can also choose to receive news about new penalties to your email Inbox. This is particularly true as failure to pay fines can result in different problems. For example, you can impose additional penalties or not going to be on holiday abroad.

To obtain information about the existing penalties, just enter in the upper field of the form the number of your car, and in the lower room of the certificate of registration of the vehicle. If you want to receive notifications of new fines, check the appropriate option. Click "Check penalties" and wait for the necessary information. After that you can pay these fines via the Internet.

Visit moishtrafi providing information on traffic fines. You can get here the information about one particular fine. For this you will need to enter in the special number field of the corresponding resolution. You can also obtain information on all fines, typing in the appropriate fields driver's license number and the car number.

Please note that to find out about the penalties of any other persons using the Internet will fail, since in addition to the state number of the car, you need to enter driver's license number.

When receiving information imposed on you fines be included in the document item of traffic regulations, for violation of which a fine. If you want to print a receipt for payment of the fine in the Bank directly from the website, click on the printer, located next to the specified fine.

Learn about issued you the traffic fines through an sms message. Send the following message: "traffic Police (space) no TS (space) no by in room 9112. In response you will receive sms-message with information about the imposed penalties. The cost of such sms message is equal to 10 rubles.