The most reliable method website Services. Because on this resource, you can bind your mobile phone, in case of traffic violations and appearance fine on your name on the phone comes SMS. Directly through the website Services you can not only find out the car number or driver license number the presence of fines, but to pay them. The service is called traffic Fines and it is easy to find. Please note that payment of fines through public Services may be charged a fee.
You can check for unpaid fines and on the official website of the traffic police. There is a menu item Services - Checking penalties. Here you do not need a long procedure of registration and authorization. You will have to specify the number of the registration certificate of the vehicle and its number, as well as to prove that you are not a robot by solving a simple captcha. To pay through the website of the traffic police, the penalty will not work.
Mobile is the most convenient to check the traffic police fines, payable to your car, through Yandex.Navigator. In the setup menu there is a point where you can ask your name, car number and number of certificate of registration. Now the Navigator will be able to determine the presence of fines and in time to warn you about it.