The simplest method to sign the picture – put your own signature similar to the one that you put in the documents. It is desirable to stand it in the scale of the drawing and not to do excessive. It should not attract attention and to act on the first plan.
His "official" signature, you can embellish the decorative elements is one of the letters to put a figure that will fit into the overall composition (well-known: "W" is replaced by the beetle). Better use the jewelry as caps, is a logical and attracts attention as a thin appropriate joke.
Make letters of the name entirely from elements of the composition. Can have a common composition in the form of one of their initials. In this method, the spelling of gamma signatures should contrast with the main composition.
Fill in your initials on the frame border to the image. Gamma it needs to be a little lighter or darker than the basic composition, depending on the size of the picture.
Fill in your name or the name of a charade on the principle of name value, resemblance to some other word or in any other way.