First take a pen and write on the sheet his surname and first name. Carefully look into the written, perhaps, at this stage, you will choose the exact combination of letters, which will be your painting. Some people in my paintings use the first three letters of the surname, so write them, and then take a look, maybe this signature will suit you.
If you failed to come up with something impressive, using letters of names, then you need to go to the next step. First write only two capital letters – the name and surname, or name and patronymic. Try to swap them. It is also common the use of all three letters in the name, surname and patronymic.
In that case, if you are looking for something special, then you should try the next option. It is that one letter flowed into the next. The first letter is the beginning of the second, and that, in turn, part of another. If you have something, then you can try to create a painting of two capital letters and then add to them a couple more small taken from your first name or surname. At the same time can change their location.
People who have a capital "C", "E", "O" in the initials, may have other letters right into them. Will be quite original. For example, if you can use an uppercase "E" in its lower Crescent, you can write the next letter, and on top of another, but it is important to ensure that your signature didn't look stupid and ugly.
At the end of your painting you can hold a wave. And even better would be if instead of waves you draw any special letter, or stitch a couple of times your finished painting or negate it.