Run the program to work with graphics, such as Adobe Photoshop (although it will fit any other application, which provides the "Text" tool). Open the image to be used as avatars. If necessary, reduce or increase the size of the image.
Remember that on all sites there is a limit on the size of the loaded image. To adjust the height and width of avatars is better in the beginning, but not when the text is already entered, otherwise the letters may appear blurry and fuzzy. To specify the desired proportions of the image, use Image Size ("image Size") of the menu Image ("Image").
Opens a new dialog box, select it in the fields with appropriate values. Can adjust the height separately, separately – the width of the figure or to put a marker in the "Keep proportion". Then you will need to enter a value for only one parameter, the second will change automatically.
You can then begin entering text. Click on the panel tool "Horizontal text". It looks like a button with the letter "T". Or use the quick keys and also the Latin "T". The cursor will change its appearance.
Install it in the image at which to start writing. Place your inscription. If needed, add various effects, change the layer style, letter size, their color, or select a new font.
To place text on a circle or another way to deform it, click on the letter "T" above a curved line. A new window will open, select the style of deformation and adjust the position of text using "sliders".
After the text is entered, click on the layer with the inscriptionof Yu, right-click and select "Rasterize text", merge the layers and save the image. Upload it to the website using the appropriate form.