You will need
  • A piece of paper, a pen or pencil, eraser.
You chose an alias that will be your graphical signature. As an example, take the word Welle. Translated to English it means "wave". Write the word on paper. The spacing between the letters make a little more than usual. It is not necessary to make the first letter big and rest small. You can change the size of the symbols as you like, and do not follow clear rules. Letters may be tilted to one side. You can increase the top or bottom of each letter. This technique creates the effect of inclination of words forward or backward.
Circle each letter on both sides. Draw the symbols as if they look out each other. They should be like letters written with a thick marker. The line thickness can be varied depending on the desired slant of the letters.
Remove the original thin letters. Add in the inscription adorning elements. Draw rectangles with different length sides of the upper and lower parts of the letters. Don't do too many decorations. They should be in moderation.
Erase the lines that divide the ornaments and letters. Now you can add more unusual elements in our drawing. It may be arrows, dots, stars. Unleash your fantasies.
This step will help us to make her signature voluminous. Draw a dot at the bottom of the album sheet at the middle letter of your word. In order to add volume to the letters, draw lines from all angles drawn to a point. Those lines that cross the letters to be erased. Also erase the main part of the lines, leaving dashes attached to the letters.
Left the resulting color signature. Look good graffiti decorated two or three colors. One or two shades painted letters. And the remaining tint painted over the edge of the word. Graffiti painting is ready.