Anywhere in the world free Wi-Fi in the restaurants, "McDonald's". Don't need to go inside – you can get Wi-Fi near the entrance to the facility.
Free Wi-Fi is distributed in the Apple Store and Starbucks coffee shops. These places are also easy to find in any big city in the world.
Not all the places with free Wi-Fi actually give him free access. It is often necessary to order something in a restaurant or coffee shop to get the password from your network, therefore, truly free Wi-Fi can be found at railway stations, bus stations, bus stops and airports. Free Wi-Fi is in places of the greatest congestion of tourists, such as museums, or near popular attractions.
In public areas you can also enjoy free Wi-Fi. In shopping malls, libraries, parks, bookstores, in the area usually have access to free Internet.
While traveling it is sometimes hard to find free Wi-Fi. These difficulties are related to the fact that the search for access points need to be connected to the Internet, but what if the balance is zero and there is no way to connect to the network to find the nearest point of access to free Wi-Fi. However, there is a way out. There are applications that work offline and automatically connect to the closest available Wi-Fi network. Instabridge is a free app for IOS and Android has in its database more than 3,000,000 access points located around the world. App WeFi Pro for Android has a base of more than 170 000 000 points, which helps to always stay connected.