You will need
  • The computer contract for the provision of services, software and equipment (depending on the connection method).
Satellite Internet connection requires a large one-time investments. Buying all the necessary equipment will cost a round sum. Many firms that provide this kind of connection, can provide only inbound traffic. Although lately the operators, providing communication in both directions. Their search will have to spend a little more time. But the connection speed is extremely high. And to access the Internet you can even in remote corners of cities, most importantly, that you reached the satellite signal.
Much cheaper will cost you of a fiber optic connection. Make sure you are in the service area of the selected provider, and the computer has a network card. Her assistants will connect the cable. The rest of the equipment is usually in the attic and connect to all the apartments your home. The connection speed you choose independently, based on the proposed operator tariff plans. Payment will depend on your choice. This kind of connection are pleasant by the fact that companies often hold shares in which you will be able to activate the service for mere pennies. And data plans are regularly updated, cheaper, and you can always change them if your preferences will change.
Most mobile and comfortable in terms of transportation method connecting to network modems mobile operators. They are inexpensive, installs pretty easy, requires no complicated settings. Modems have a very small size, not more than the usual flash cards. This modem is very convenient to carry along a laptop or other portable computer. You can stay anywhere and go online, if in this area there is a network of your operator. Rate you can choose, based on how much time you spend on the Internet. You may go for an unlimited data plan, or on the contrary, you would prefer to pay for incoming traffic in megabytes. The connection speed is getting higher, because technology is evolving. They are introduced gradually, so in some places the speed is low (256 KBS), and in others it can be several MBS.
We should not forget about wi-fi. You can set the access point at home. And you can use this type of connection to the Internet for free in some public areas: airports, railway stations, cafes, cinemas, libraries, etc.