You will need
  • Special equipment, computer.
Do not worry. The first thing you need to do is learn the names of all firms providing Internet access in your city. Not to run around town, go to Internet cafes and spend some time searching. With the help of search engine find all the suppliers of this service. Also in this case, you can help city Newspapers or local TV ads.
Because these firms provide Internet access, and they all have their own websites. It is very convenient, since it is here that you can view all the tariff plans and terms of connection. So go back in the Internet café or to a friend with a connection to the network, and check all the sites of your providers.
On any of them you will find the tab "connection" or something like that, where you can get acquainted with the conditions to know the amount of payment for connection. You also need to see the room phone or office address in which you will be able to sign a contract and make payment. Always it is better to call and find out what documents you need to bring.
In addition, if not on the website, on the phone, it is important to find out whether you need a landline phone to connect to the service. If Yes, proceed to the next provider. You can find several options for Internet without phone: satellite, cable (optical fiber), mobile Internet from mobile operators).
If you choose satellite Internet, you will need to install a satellite dish specialists. Disadvantage of this connection method is that most plates are directed only to accept traffic. You will be able to download, to watch, to read. But to post a photo or video may not be possible. This question is just to clarify the operator. Plus is that the speed is very high, and you can use the various accelerators. In addition, the Internet can connect and remote from city areas, most importantly, that was the signal from the satellite.
Fiber connection is good because it requires you to only have a network card, and the spatial location in the service area of such provider. The rate and payment depend on the chosen tariff plan. And, of course, you will have to pay a certain amount for connection.
Mobile operators now offer not only mobile services but also ready to provide you Internet access. This connection method is good for its mobility. Small modems the size of a regular USB flash drive can be used both at home and on the street, at work, in cafes, wherever your operator has provided you with a connection to the world. The speed can be very high and quite low. However, this is a pretty convenient option. You just need to buy a usb modem, install it on your PC or laptop, insert the SIM card and choose the appropriate tariff. Now you have the Internet and you do not need a landline phone.