In the first case, you need to use an existing Internetconnection that you can access. Do that using available on your computer wi-fi adapter. Start searching for new networks, then find one that is not password protected. Connect to it and use it for permanent access to the Internet.
If you have such networks are not available, find free access to wi-fi you have in the city. The most common practice is to place access points in cafes, restaurants and hypermarkets. According to owners, it increases the attendance and throughput. Take advantage of a free network, in case, if it is closed the username and password, check out this data from staff.
If you have a dial-up modem, you can use the advertising any company, which is the Internetprovider or the operator. Search and find this a publicity stunt as "the first thirty seconds is free." In this case, use a special program-Manager dialler. This program will call the provider, and at a certain moment to break the connection, and then calling again.