If your computer does not have built-in Wi-Fi interface, you will have to buy a special Wi-Fi adapter. It can be purchased at any computer store or ordered via the Internet.
Then you need to find an access point to the Internet. Now free Internet access is available in libraries, cafes, airports, shopping malls and educational institutions. Although some owners of cafes and retail outlets see this as a way to make extra money and make access to the network paid. So if you are interested in is free Wi-Fi, you will have to find an appropriate access point. If you live in a major city, a list of free points Wi-Fi access you can find online. Opportunities to learn through the Internet where in your city have free access to wi-fi, no? Then use a special scanner or software installed on a laptop or PDA to search for such points. In the Internet there are lots of applications to do it. The most famous of these – NetStumbler and WeFi. Also as a modem (although the Internet can not be called high speed) you can use your smartphone – just connect it to the laptop.
To connect to the Wi-Fi only need to turn on the laptop and open the window of your Internet browser. Before it hit the dedicated button on the notebook or on an external adapter. That built-in Wi-Fi enabled will indicate a message on the screen. On the screen appeared a window with the requirement to enter a user name and password? Means network access in the place where you are paid and will have to ask the administrator for a certain amount, otherwise you will not be able to use Wi-Fi Internet.