Choose the tariff "Apple Juice", where you can connect free Internet Beeline on the phone. Please note that the free Internet connection in this case can be called only conditionally, because once a month, with users charged the monthly fee in the amount of 220 rubles. However, the proposal is significantly more MBS of Internet tariffs. In this case, the subscribers are provided with a high speed connection without any restrictions. To activate the service, call us on 0674 05 5.
Reduce the cost of traffic, if you use MBS billing of Internet use. First disconnect in the picture browser or install their low quality. Remove support for the FLASH modules, and AutoUpdate and automatic loading of pages.
Make sure that you open mobile version of websites that saves traffic. Automatic download of pages can be enabled in the browser settings or you can specify this option in the sites themselves if they have a special version for mobile platforms.
Use one of the numerous programs, saving traffic. Upload them on a special multimedia website applications for your platform (Play Market, App Store, etc.). These applications automatically perform the steps above, and use their algorithms and cost. Be careful and avoid sites scams offering programs which make the Internet free. Such applications do not exist.
Use the Internet connection Beeline via the wireless interface Wi-Fi. For example, if your home computer is already installed the Internet and also connected to the router, you can connect through it to the network and on the mobile phone. In this case, you will have to pay a monthly home Internet.
Connect to free Internet on your phone via wifi in various public places in your city. Often such services are available in feeding centres, libraries, universities, etc. to Learn about the availability of free connection in a particular place on the Internet.