You will need
  • Personal computer to play
To connect to the Internet, select and buy a modem. There are a large number. Connect it via a special connector to your computer. Install the software, i.e. the driver. Usually a CD comes with the modem. If you have any desire to check whether the modem is connected, go to "control Panel" via "Search". Select "Modems" and go to the tab "Diagnostics". In the window click on "Advanced". Will appear information about your connection.
Select the dialing properties. To do this, open "control Panel" and go back to "Modems". There is a General tab. Click "dialing properties". A window opens in which you select "Pulse" for the column "Type of dialing". The modem is connected and driver is installed. Now you only need to connect to the Internet. Go to "control panel". There find "Network". Click "Add" and click on it. Open to you the window where you find the tab "Network adapter". Click again "Add". Select in the section "Manufacturers" tab Microsofrt, and in the "Network adapters" select "the remote access controller". Click "OK".
Click on "start" and select "Remote network access". Then click on "New connection". A window will open where you enter the title compound. Mouse click "Next". Now configure the network for a specific provider. Click the mouse right button. Go to "Properties". There fill in all the required fields: "server Type", "Type remote server. Install "advanced settings". Uncheck "Log on to network". Go to allowed network protocols." They remove all the check boxes in the protocols except TCP/IP. Can not ask the server address.