You will need
  • - passport and its copy;
  • - application for state registration of ownership rights to housing;
  • - a set of documents confirming the right of ownership of the property;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
The form of application for state registration you can download on the website of the Federal registration service or to its territorial subdivision. It is filled on the computer and displayed on a printer or on a typewriter or by hand, then signed.
If you plan to send documents by mail, your signature needs to be notarized.
Attached to the application a copy of your passport (page with personal data).
The documents confirming the right to property (notarial deed of sale, the act of reception-transmission of housing, court, etc., depending on the situation) should be submitted in complete original plus the copy.
Confirm transactions in writing, in two originals, one of which remains in the archive, plus copy.
The documents should reflect the essence of the transaction, contain a description of the property, not to have abbreviations, erasures, corrections, additions, serious injury, etc.
For the registration of ownership of real estate the stamp duty is charged. Its size and payment details can be found in his subdivision of Rosreestr.
A complete set of documents is delivered to the division of Rosreestr in person at office hours or by mail by registered mail with a list of enclosures and acknowledgment of receipt.