The laws regulating state registration

State registration confirms that an entity created in accordance with established laws, have the necessary authorized capital, incorporation and legal documents. Without this official confirmation of the activity of the company is illegal and it will not be able to stand on the account in tax inspection, nor to open a Bank account.

The procedure and rules of state registration reglamentary Federal law "On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs" and article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation "State registration of legal entities". Carries out the registration of the territorial tax authority to which the company refers to its legal address.
The package of documents provided on paper carriers and in electronic form.

Documents required for registration of public accounting

To the tax office for obtaining the certificate of state registration of an enterprise shall submit the following documents:
- application for state registration, which confirms that all documents meet the requirements; the information provided in them is authentic; organization created in compliance with all requirements for their chosen form of ownership and other evidence of compliance;
- the document on the establishment of the enterprise legal person issued in the form of a decision of the General meeting of shareholders, Protocol or Treaty;
- originals or notarially certified copies of constituent documents;
receipt or other payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of a legal entity.
A certificate is sent to the enterprise or handed to his representative no later than one working day from the moment of state registration.

Documents confirming the state registration

Not later than 5 days after the submission of documents to the registering authority, they should be decided on the state registration, which is the basis for the recording and information about the company in the EGRUL – Uniform state register of legal entities as soon As such record is made, the company at that moment shall pass the state registration. This fact is confirmed by Certificate of state registration of a legal entity, issued on an official letterhead in the prescribed form.