Advice 1: How to restore the bin

Primary state registration number (OGRN), along with the constituent documents determines the status of the legal entity as a subject of law. Is the number of the record confirms the state registration of a legal entity. In case of loss of this document to the IRS, you can obtain a duplicate of it.
How to restore the bin
If the certificate of the receiving bin has been lost, you can restore, as well as other constituent or registration documents. This is possible because, when the enterprise on the tax account in inspection of the place of registration is required to provide all copies of documents certified by a notary. In the archives of the tax authority they are formed in a separate case and are in permanent storage.
To the tax office where your business is registered in the name of its leader in a free form, write the application for granting of duplicate of certificate OGRN. It is necessary to attach a copy of the receipt or payment document about payment of state duty. The details you give to the IRS. The text of the statement specify the date of registration of your company, number of the bin and the reason why you need to issue a duplicate document.
The statement is written on behalf of the Director. On the basis of power of attorney on his behalf may act representative. For recovery bin you may need only a passport of the head (or its certified copy), details of the required document, the certificate of incorporation (received no later than 1 month) and the Protocol of decision of General meeting on appointment of the Director General.
In the short period, but not less than 5 days, you will be required to provide a copy of certificate in original copy. She is certified by the stamp and signature of the officer – supervisor registered with the tax authority. By their legal force, a copy of certificate OGRN equivalent to the original and its appearance is no different.
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Repair of Foundation and registration documents of the company are providing a legal and mediation company.

Advice 2: How to recover the evidence bin

In case of loss of the certificate on assignment OGRN need to get a duplicate of it. For this, the General Director of the company must personally contact the tax office that issued the document, a statement in any form and receipt of payment of registration fee.
How to recover the evidence bin
You will need
  • - the statement in any form;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - passport;
  • - the documents confirming powers of the General Director (the appointment order or decision of the founder or General meeting of shareholders) in case the tax want to see them.
Write a statement to the tax office, which has filed for the registration of the company and received the certificate on assignment OGRN. This document is made in any form but must contain the number of tax inspections, surname, name, patronymic and position of the first face of the company, its legal address. Specify also the request to issue a duplicate certificate in respect of his loss of, or reduction in disrepair. Sign the statement with his signature and seal of the firm.
Verify the actual size of the state duty for issue of the duplicate of the certificate on assignment OGRN , in its tax inspections, tax registered, if in your region it is, on the website of the FTS of Russia or its regional office.
Use of the formation of payment orders on the website of the FTS of Russia. To do this, type there the code of the tax Inspectorate.
If your region registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in inspection and you want to update the code, you can use this service website FNS to find out its inspection at the legal address of the company.
Pay legal costs from the settlement account of the company. Receipt of payment on behalf of the individuals will.
Prepare documents proving your powers of Director: the order on appointment to this position, the decision of the founder or General meeting, the Charter. These papers are optional, but, if the tax want to see them, it won't cause you trouble. Don't forget your passport.
Take the documents to the tax office.
In these employees of tax period (usually five to ten working days) get ready duplicate.
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