You will need
  • a certificate of paid unit;
  • documents from the BTI;
  • extract from the house register;
  • extract from the minutes of the Committee meeting of the cooperative, which confirms your membership
When you are ready to formalize a cooperative apartment in the property, remember that she's already yours, it is true, provided that you have paid all the prescribed share. This provision shall be governed by paragraph 4 of article 218 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The only thing you need to do to confirm your right to property is to obtain the certificate of state registration.
To receive a certificate of ownership of a cooperative apartment, you must gather certain documents and hand it in on registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it. As a rule, Management of Federal service of state registration, cadastre and cartography in the KO. In the required documents include the certificate of paid share, which is issued by the HBC, extract from the Protocol on the admission to membership in the cooperative, as well as an extract from the minutes of the HBC on the transfer of apartments in the property the member of the cooperative.
In addition you will need a certificate from the BTI, an extract from the house register, photocopy and original marriage certificate (need if at the time of paying share you had married). When submitting documents to companies house it is necessary that your spouse was also present on the spot.
When you collect all the necessary documents and register them with the appropriate government body, you will be given a certificate of ownership of the living space. And after that, all further operations with the apartment you will produce it. The main advantage of a cooperative apartment is that it is not necessary to privatize. The property is only possible on the basis of the payment unit.