You will need
  • Documents
  • Print
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Stationery glue
Before how to flash documents, they need to remove all the metallic inclusions (clips, pins). This should be done very carefully.
After removal of the staples in the documents should be expanded in order and number from the first sheet to the last.
If in a stitched book has leaves that have a small field for the binder, left it is recommended to glue a strip of paper.
Then on the left, approximately on half the field without any text, made holes with a needle in three or five pieces. Punctures should be arranged symmetrically at a distance of 3 cm and vertically.
The whole pack of documents need to flash a long needle with a harsh thread. They are sewn twice for strength, and the rest of the thread appears on the back side of the center hole and trimmed, but about 6 cm of the free end should remain. After that the threads contact the Assembly so that they could stick a piece of paper with a seal.
Next you need to seal the deal with the label paper 4 by 6 cm with the words (description of documents).

Paste it so that it covers the knot and part of the length of the filaments, which should be free.
All documents must be certified by head of organization or authorized person. The signature should be distinct and distinguishable. The print is located on the label, and the node and thread will be filled with glue.