Complete your personal business in the employee immediately after the issuance of the order on employment. There is not a standardized format, so you need to develop it themselves. Photocopy of employee's passport, certificate INN, the insurance pension certificate and other documents are available, for example, driving license, medical certificates.
On the first page should be an inventory of all documents available at the time of employment, and which will appear in the process, for example, orders to leave, any of the additional agreement to the labour contract.
In the internal inventory, specify the names of the documents, their numbers, date of making and number of the sheet in the individual case. Signature, name of compiler and date of compilation. To help provide information make an inventory in tabular form.
After all documents are collected, place them in chronological order, then number them, starting with the list (page No. 1). Next, make a cover of the personal file. Be sure to include the name of the organization according to constituent documents, the ordinal number of the personal file, the date of preparation. Express and field below specifying the date of termination of the employment contract. Also after dismissal you will need to specify the number of pages in the job.
Do not forget to specify the title of the case – the surname, name and patronymic of the employee in full. You can also write to the office-employ the employee. After the dismissal of the case is stitched and placed in the archives.
Personal Affairs are kept by the personnel employee or other person performing his duties. Access to data is limited. Once a year employees need to obtain information about the conduct of Affairs; it is better, if after reviewing they will sign.