You will need
  • grinding machine;
  • - skin nulevka;
  • - solvent;
  • - primer or stain;
  • - velour roller or spray;
  • - paint;
  • Lac.
To paint laminated chipboard, you must first prepare the surface as normal staining without training will not lead to the desired result. Chipboard has a smooth surface on which to paint, even if they fall, but will not last long.
For surface treatment take zero sandpaper, grinding machine. Using the orbital sander and sandpaper, remove the entire top layer, which is impregnated of melamine resin and varnish. Work very carefully. Do not forget that a protective layer is plain chipboard that will begin to paint, if treatment should be done deep enough.
The treated surface, wipe with solvent, apply a coat of primer with antiseptic. Allow primer time to dry for 24 hours. Apply a layer of paint. Paint you can use any as after grinding the surface you will receive an ordinary wood-shaving plate, which is painted by any means.
Apply paint with a velour roller or spray gun. After drying of the first layer, repeat the staining. After 24 hours apply on painted surfaces clear coat, after 24 hours another layer. Thus, you will get a durable coating, which, a few years will protect the chipboard from moisture and swelling.
Instead of paint you can use a stain or just apply a few colors of nail Polish tint. If you use a stain before applying, do not cover the treated surface with a primer. After polishing just make sure to clean the plate with solvent and immediately apply the stain. For more intense color, repeat the application once or twice, it depends on your desire to receive less or more intense color.
The stain dries in 12 hours. So after the specified period you can apply varnish.