Periodically inspect the evaporator freezer to the refrigerator "Stinol". Under the influence of warm moist air from the room on its surface gradually increasing a layer of frost. It prevents the heat exchange between the product and the evaporator, degrades the quality of freezing, and can also lead to deformation and mechanical failure of the parts of the freezer. Therefore, once the layer of frost reaches a thickness of 5 mm, proceed to the defrosting of the refrigerator.
Turn the thermostat dial to the "0" position to turn off the refrigerator "Stinol" from the network. After that, remove food from refrigerator and freezer and place them in a cool place, away from radiators and sunlight. If the apartment has a second fridge for a while will put the products there.
Leave the freezer door ajar. Do not try to accelerate defrosting of the refrigerator with the help of hair dryers and pots with boiling water. It will ruin the rubber gasket of the door and will lead to corrosion of the evaporator. Do not remove ice with knives and other sharp objects. You risk to compromise the integrity of the tubes through which the refrigerant circulates.
Ensure that melt water flowed over the front edge of the freezer. At the doorway of the refrigerator "Stinol" the pipeline goes heating. Moisture inside can cause corrosion. If the bottom of the freezer there is a drain hole, put under it a plastic bucket to collect water. If no hole, put it on the bottom of the chamber a cloth and periodically wring it into a bucket, basin or sink.
As soon as all frost has melted, wipe the surfaces of the freezer with a soft, dry cloth. The door for a while and leave it open for complete evaporation of residual moisture. Remove from the refrigerator shelves and drawers and wash them separately. Wipe the cooler clean with a damp cloth. Contamination remove with warm soapy water. To eliminate odors dissolve in water or soda add a little edible vinegar. Wipe dry.
Turn the thermostat to the operating position and close the door. After 1-2 hours, when the refrigerator "Stinol" attains the desired temperature, then load chilled foods.