Advice 1: How to write a letter of cooperation proposal

Regardless of whether the first contact with a potential business partner made over the phone whether there was a verbal agreement, in the practice of business turnover it is customary to reinforce the beginning of a relationship an official letter with the offer on cooperation.
How to write a letter of cooperation proposal
In the first part of the letter occupying no more than one paragraph, write that the company you represent, and welcome on behalf of the leadership of the alleged partner. It is appropriate to use phrases such as "we wish prosperity to Your business, from the name of a certain company expresses its respect". Be sure to include the name of your organization. Remember that spamming in any firm comes more than a dozen letters with the offer to conclude the contract, therefore, the addressee must understand, whose offer it is.
In the next part of the letter will remind potential partner about what your companies already existed prior arrangement on a particular contract or service. You can use such momentum as "In continuation of our talks...", "We have considered Your wishes regarding...". Make it clear to the addressee that the offer of cooperation is not formulaic and basic for all clients, and designed specifically for this company, and takes into account all peculiarities of this business.
In the largest part of the proposal indicate what services or goods you offer, what they cost, delivery time. Easier to read information presented in tables. Offer the client several options with different price, quantity, and scope of services that it can select the most suitable combination. We would highlight the benefit for the customer, signing the contract with your organization. Here you can specify discounts, special offers for regular partners, the possibility of concluding contracts for the provision of additional services or the supply of other goods for extra-favorable terms.
The last part will be devoted to the wishes and parting words. Use standard phrases such as, "Hope for mutually beneficial cooperation...", "best wishes...". Be sure to subscribe and leave your contact information, so that in case of a positive decision the client is not looking for a phone or email address by which you can be contacted.
Business proposals on cooperation are usually made to representatives of various organizations, enterprises and firms. We are driven by the desire to use the opportunity of mutually beneficial cooperation. If you begin with business correspondence in which encapsulate the essence of your proposal must be accompanied by a letter of offer of cooperation. A positive response to the offer of cooperation depends on how you make it.
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The fact that in ordinary commercial proposal as the main substantive and semantic component has everything you need for the division of the parties the seller and buyer of goods or services. In a business partnership proposal can also be represented in a specific position for a market discussion and bargaining, but still to a small degree. In the text on cooperation should include an element of persuasion and influence are not the buyer, but a future partner.

Advice 2 : How to write a letter of cooperation

A few years ago, the ability to Express their thoughts on paper was regarded as a precious gift. Today is not so important the quality is, it is so easy to agree, and just to talk by telephone. But in some areas the ability to write letters is still an important aspect. Business communication is impossible without correspondence, for example, many have to write letters about cooperation, which determine whether it will be held. It is therefore very important to properly and competently make such a letter.
How to write a letter of cooperation
Some, of course, use samples that are easy to find online, but the design of letters often does not meet the needs of the organization, and formulaic phrases may not encourage the company to cooperate with you.
The letter must be on organization's letterhead. Well, if cap letters printed with colored ink, as from the point of view of psychologists that attracts the reader's attention.
It is known that some organizations impose registration of incoming and outgoing letters, so the next paragraph would be writing a check and the dates of your outgoing message.
Later in the same place, namely in the upper right corner, write the name of their organization. Here you must specify the address, details, possible means of communication (the more the better).
Below to enter: to whom is addressed the business letter, and you need to write fully stating the position or Department. Remember that any short cuts are not allowed.
Then in the center in the middle of the bold and the bold e-mail address, for example, Ladies and gentlemen! Then go on to appeal, it must be written correctly, for example, "you, you, you" must be written with a capital letter.
Then set about writing a commercial proposal, for example, it can be past relationships or discuss at the meeting. Next, go to write the proposal itself, no need to write large sentences with detailed analysis of further business relationship. All of this information you can make application, in the text referring to them.
Then describe the financial side, do not forget to specify the advantages of cooperation with your company, perhaps it is a significant difference in price or any special conditions. Also, specify the period within which to act at your prices and offers.
Next, go to the description of conditions, for example, how you will communicate with the client, as will be cooperation. You can also tell us a little about your company, for example, to present achievements and successes in the field of Commerce.
At the end please sign and date. To sign a letter of cooperation should be the head of the organization, don't forget to decrypt the signature.
If the letter has multiple pages, it is advisable to number them so that the client is not confused. When making applications, remember that the most important is simplicity, as the pile of facts, you may tire of your future clients.
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