If you first come to the provider with the intention to enjoy his goods, use established by this organization of the standard application form for the delivery of the products. If this statement is not posted in electronic form on the organization's website, write a letter in free style.
In case you order several products in different quantities and place the order in the form of a table indicating the name, reference number, color of the product, if necessary. Prescribe obligations for the payment of ordered products, provide the supplier details of your organization, based on these data, vendor will make up the contract. At the end of the letter Express their hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.
If your mail provider for improper performance of its obligations under the contract, late delivery of goods or goods not of the quality, grade or type, use the momentum, "this letter is to inform you...", "to Inform you...". Clearly list the reason why you can not accept goods shipped. Refer to the contract or contract-application, which shows how many units and what kind of product the supplier was supposed to send you. In this case, the provider will be easier to correct his mistake.
If your letter concerns the impossibility of payment within the contract terms, notify the supplier in as soft, but at the same time the official form. Use the momentum, "We apologize for the delay in payment...", "due To the current circumstances we can't pay the bills in time to...".
Inform the contractor, in what terms you intend to repay him, and that this obligation is guaranteed to be executed by your organization. At the end of the letter Express hope that this episode will not affect your long-term partner relationships.