You will need
  • - production calendar;
  • - employment history of the employee or another document confirming the seniority of the employee;
  • - acts of local government;
  • calculator.
Calculate the total seniority of the employee. Take advantage of it and work records, other documents confirming the duties in the particular company. It can be contracts, certificates of employment, copy of, extract from orders. Determine the periods of work in each firm, where he worked by the employee. To do this, take the start date, the termination of labour in organizations.
Fold the periods of employment in enterprises. Before that, define the number of experience expert in calendar days.
Determine the number of years of service of the employee. Use the production calendar. For years take 360 days, which is governed by Federal law. Determine the number of months in the experience of a specialist. For the whole month take 30 days.
Calculate related coefficient. Use regulations of the regional government. Take from these documents the value of one year of seniority of the employee. Each year local authorities is set to that value. Multiply a fixed number by the calculated number of years of experience. In the calculation need to take the experience in years. If, for example, a specialist with 17 years and 9 months of seniority, in finding the ratioand take 17 + 9/12. The result is divide by one hundred percent.
When calculating the amount of pension related factor is multiplied by the average monthly earnings of the employee. The latter is found by dividing the total earnings for the entire period of performance of duties by the employee during the number of months in that period. And the reward for a month of work of the expert should not be below the minimum wage established at the time the local authorities.
The above method is determined by the amount of pension to 01.01.2002. After this period, the state benefit is dependent on these funds for the storage system. After the entry into force of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the introduction of a funded system for calculation of size of pensions," social welfare has become dependent on the amount of insurance premiums and voluntary deductions.