Linear meters are used widely in the industry. For example, the production of metal. From rolled sheet has a length, width and thickness. However, essential for this type of production is only the length of the hire when all other known steammeterAh this product. Then, omitting all those details, use the value of "linear meter".
Simply put, linear meter is used to measure the size not length, and manufactured products generally. For example, at a garment factory for 40 hours produced a linear meters tissue. There's no telling what a fabric, what is its width or composition. All of these items were specifically omitted for convenience and simplicity. Thus it is possible to produce linear meters wire, boards, pipes, and even furniture.
Summarizing these data, one can conclude that a linear meter is a conditional value, but it is very widely used in industry, it is much easier to say how many were made per meters products than to talk about its length, width, format, the article and its additional pairmeters.