You will need
  • card inventory, waybill, or a certificate on the pipe;
  • — table of theoretical weights and GOST steel pipes;
  • — GOST 18599-2001 "pressure Pipes made of polyethylene".
Find in cards of the warehouse account, invoice or certificate, information about the pipe, the weight which you want to calculate. Pipes can be welded and seamless, round, water and gas supply tube, or profile. Determine the type of pipe. Confirm with the outer diameter and wall thickness in mm. Measure the length of one pipe in meters and count the number of pipes in order.
Find it in the Handbook of theoretical weights of steel pipes appropriate GOST type and estimated weight of one meter of pipe of the desired diameter and wall thickness. By multiplying the value of the mass per meter length of pipe, obtain the weight of pipe in kg. Calculate the total order weight by multiplying the weight of 1 pipe on their order quantity.
Calculate in a similar way weight polyethylene pipe, knowing her type, diameter, wall thickness and length. Use for computing the reference data of the standard in polyethylene pipe. To determine the weight of one meter of plastic pipe through the directory, you need to calculate the SDR or standard dimension ratio.
Divide the diameter of the plastic pipe to the thickness of its walls. So you'll find SDR in mm. Knowing the standard dimension ratio, look at the reference data of GOST the estimated weight per meter pipe of the necessary diameter. Next, calculate the weight need to cut pipe or the whole of the Bay, by multiplying weight per meter of pipe to the length.