You will need
  • roulette;
  • - caliper;
  • - strong string;
  • calculator.
To calculate the area of a pipe of circular cross-section find out the length of the pipe in linear metres. Also, the calculation will need the outer diameter of the pipe.
Calculate the value of the outer diameter of the gas pipe. You can do it two ways. First method – measure the outer diameter of the gas pipe using a Vernier caliper. To do this, open the lips of this measuring tool and attach it to the pipe so that the pipe was between the jaws of the caliper. Then slide the sponge measuring tool: they should be tightly clasp the gas pipe. Looking at the measuring scale, determine the outer diameter of the pipe. The second method is grasp the tube thick thread. Then measure with tape measure the circumference of the pipe. Substituting value in the formula D = L / PI where L is the length of the circumference of the pipe, PI = 3,14 (PI), calculate the value of the outside diameter of the gas pipe. Translate the resulting figure is in meters.
Find the area of the gas pipe using the following formula: S = 2*PI*DMP*R, where PI is the number "PI" (3.14), DMP – gas length of pipe in linear meters, and R is the outer radius of the pipe. Given that the diameter is twice the radius, divide the result of the earlier calculations, the increased outer diameter in 2. Put all required data into the formula and calculate the area of the pipe.