You will need
  • 1. the car carrying more than a ton; 2. a ton of fence to build a fence or other household needs; 3. the tape or tape measure; 4. a piece of paper.
1. Get somewhere a ton of the fence. You can buy or rent in the store building materials for the experiment. Importantly, the weight corresponds exactly to one ton. Submerge the fence in the car and take him to a prepared place where you will be transferring tons to meters.
Unload a ton of fence in a small space where you will not be disturbed (for example, at his dacha). Armed with a measuring tape or tape measure, measure the length of each plank, fixing all on a piece of paper. The process is labor intensive, please be patient. It is recommended to put all measured boards in a separate pile, not to confuse them with have not measured the plates.
When all the boards will be measured and all data recorded, perform some simple math calculations. Fold the length of all planks to each other. You can use a calculator to perform calculations in a column or count in mind. The result will be the desired value. You moved a lot of fence (in kilograms) length (centimeters).