The concept of "linear meter" is used to facilitate the calculations of the number of products, for example, linoleum or fabric for curtains. In this case, accepted only the length of the product. The word "linear" means that the product width is standard for a particular product. This greatly simplifies the calculations, and also partly reduces the cost. Thus, the linear meter of the manufactured products, and the value of the products.
Measure the length and width of the room for which you want to buy, for example, flooring. To measure use a tape measure or Santimeterowou tape. Write down on a piece of paper of the received data. They will come in handy in the shop.
Contact the store, ask the seller what the width is of the desired floor covering. Let's say your hallway two meterin width and 5 in length. You can choose a material width of 2 meterand and buy a 5 linear meters, or a width of 4 meterand by purchasing a 2.5 linear metre. In the second case, you will need to cut bought the flooring along.
Recheck your calculations before you cut the desired number of linear meterof Ob. Remember that to return to the store (point of sale) products that are sold on the meteralready, impossible. These data are contained in the Law "On protection of consumer rights". To simplify calculations it is possible to translate the length and width of the room in square meters. Similarly, did the meteraiom the material that you buy. Maybe it will ease your calculations.
You know, the greater width of the product, the more expensive it will cost per meter. Now multiply the price per linear meter length of fabric that you cut. This will be the amount to be paid. Pay for purchased goods at the checkout.
After returning home, again double-check your measurements. Don't forget to buy the necessary for joining of the edges, if necessary.