You will need
  • Knowledge of geometry.
Suppose that we are given a plot of land of rectangular shape with the sides 42 and 21 meters. It is necessary to calculate its area. Use the formula for the area of the rectangle, where the area of a rectangle is the product of the lengths of its sides. That is, the area S = 42*21 = 882 square meters.
So, the area is equal to 882 square meters. From the definition of the weave, it follows that it is equal to area of one hundred square meters. To find out how many acres in the land area of 882 square meters you need to divide 882 by 100 and get the answer in acres. That is 882/100 = 8.82 acres, or, what is more, 8.82 Ara.
If more land area is 100 acres, then enter another unit of measurement is the hectare. One hectare equals 100 acres or 100 Aram. That is, if the site area is 20,000 square meters, it is equal to 200 acres or 2 hectares.