Advice 1: How to convert meters to acres

The weaving is called a measure of area, usually of land, equal to one hundred square meters. Also to denote measures of area equal to the area of square with side 10 meters, using the concept of the ar. In fact, weaving and art are absolutely identical concepts.
How to convert meters to acres
You will need
  • Knowledge of geometry.
Suppose that we are given a plot of land of rectangular shape with the sides 42 and 21 meters. It is necessary to calculate its area. Use the formula for the area of the rectangle, where the area of a rectangle is the product of the lengths of its sides. That is, the area S = 42*21 = 882 square meters.
So, the area is equal to 882 square meters. From the definition of the weave, it follows that it is equal to area of one hundred square meters. To find out how many acres in the land area of 882 square meters you need to divide 882 by 100 and get the answer in acres. That is 882/100 = 8.82 acres, or, what is more, 8.82 Ara.
If more land area is 100 acres, then enter another unit of measurement is the hectare. One hectare equals 100 acres or 100 Aram. That is, if the site area is 20,000 square meters, it is equal to 200 acres or 2 hectares.
The number of acres depends on square footage and does not depend on its geometry. That is, in the case of a circular plot of settlement procedure will remain the same. First is calculated its area, and then translates this value into acres by dividing by 100.
Useful advice
If more land area 10000 square meters, it is represented in hectares, one hectare is equal to 100 Aram acres or 10,000 square meters.

Advice 2: How to convert to hectares

Almost any surveying work require a recalculation of values. So, often we have to translate the hectares to meters, acres, and Vice versa.
How to convert to hectares
The hectare is a unit of measurement in the metric system. The term is derived from the Latin language by reducing. The hectare is the basic metric unit of land commonly used in practice.
The hectare is widely used throughout the world both metric and legal unit of measurement in areas concerning land ownership, planning, and management, including agriculture, forestry, and urban development and the planning and sale of land, overall land use.
In many countries, the introduction of a new metric system in hectares meant that the national units was either revised or explained in terms of a new metric. The following units have been revised in relation to one hectare:
1 ha = 10,000 m2 = 100 ar = 100 acres = 0,01 km2.
For clarity and simplicity, you can use the table:1 cm 2=100 mm 2
1 dm2=100cm2
1m2=10 000см2
1A=10 000дм2
1 hectare=10 000m2
1km2=100 ha
1km2=1 000 000m2

Advice 3: How to get 10 acres of land

If you decide to purchase a land area of 10 acres for individual construction or maintenance of a personal part-time farms, you should know that the district, city or regional government can provide the land either free of charge or in the course of the auction.
How to get 10 acres of land
Contact the administration of your area with the statement for granting to you of the land area of 10 acres. Do not forget to specify the purpose of use of the land. To register this document, you will need to present a passport with a local residence permit. What you give will decide the administration, although you can take the initiative in the choice.
Then the parcel will be auctioned. Wait one month and this period of time will be required to ensure that all possible applicants for this land was able to apply for participation in the auction. If wishing to appear, the administration will appoint a trading day, on which you will be notified. The plots put for auction, already have a cadastral number and a passport.
Take part in the auction to obtain the right to lease land.
Will receive from the administration a decision on granting a land plot, which will include lease terms and the possibility of extension.
If you decide to obtain the right of ownership to land, then immediately start the construction of a residential house provided to you on the site, to complete which should be within three years.
At the end of this period complete a new cadastral passport, which call the engineer from the land Committee. He will prepare all technical documents for registration. Then get an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. Make photocopies of the received documents and have them notarized.
Contact the administration, a statement on the granting of land ownership. Attach copies of all documents. After reviewing the documents you will receive a decree, according to which the land will go into your property free of charge or upon payment of a fee (not more than 2.5% of the cadastral value).
Submit all documents to the maintenance service to register the right to property.
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