Advice 1: How to convert to hectares

Almost any surveying work require a recalculation of values. So, often we have to translate the hectares to meters, acres, and Vice versa.
How to convert to hectares
The hectare is a unit of measurement in the metric system. The term is derived from the Latin language by reducing. The hectare is the basic metric unit of land commonly used in practice.
The hectare is widely used throughout the world both metric and legal unit of measurement in areas concerning land ownership, planning, and management, including agriculture, forestry, and urban development and the planning and sale of land, overall land use.
In many countries, the introduction of a new metric system in hectares meant that the national units was either revised or explained in terms of a new metric. The following units have been revised in relation to one hectare:
1 ha = 10,000 m2 = 100 ar = 100 acres = 0,01 km2.
For clarity and simplicity, you can use the table:1 cm 2=100 mm 2
1 dm2=100cm2
1m2=10 000см2
1A=10 000дм2
1 hectare=10 000m2
1km2=100 ha
1km2=1 000 000m2

Advice 2 : How to convert square meters to square kilometers

To be able to specify the size of a limited section of the plane, mathematicians introduced the definition of "surface area". To quantify this characteristic at different times and in different countries used different units. Today, most countries use recommended in the international system, SI unit of area measurement is square meters , and a multiple of their size, including square kilometers.
How to convert square meters to square kilometers
Divide the resulting measurement in square meters the size of a surface in a million to change the value in square kilometers. This conversion factor is derived directly from the name of the unit of measurement is "square kilometer". The prefix "kilo" in the SI system is used to refer to thousandfold increase in the unit - which is a word derived from the Greek meaning thousand. And the word "square" indicates that this thousand be raised to the second power, i.e. multiplied by itself. One thousand squared, will result in a unit with six zeros is a million.
Move the decimal point in the original value six positions to the left to convert square meters into square kilometers. This operation does not even require to make any calculations.
If there are problems with conversion, then use the online calculators to convert units of area measurement - in the Internet you can find a lot of. For example, go to the pageКвадратные+meters.the html in the box under "I want to" specify the initial size in meters. In the drop-down list next to the field "square meters" is selected by default, and in the next drop-down list to specify the desired accuracy of the result of the conversion. Immediately after that, opposite to "square Kilometer", you will see the equivalent of the initial value, expressed in square kilometers.
Search engines also know how to convert units of area measurement. To download, for example, the home page of the Google search engine and type the appropriate query. For example, if you want to translate 1587 m?, the query could look like this: "1587 square meters in square kilometers". The Google calculator will recalculate and display the result: "1587 (square meters) = 0.001587 square kilometre".
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