What is a "meter kitchen"

Price point for kitchen furniture, the value of the "meter of the kitchen". It is one meter walls, a busy kitchen. To determine the size of the kitchen need to measure and count the length of all walls, near which is located the furniture. To calculate the cost of food is the value you want. Price per meter is not the final cost, it is influenced by so many factors.

What affects the cost of food

Price per "meter kitchen" consists of several factors. First and foremost is the material used. Prices for kitchen are made of chipboard are the lowest.
Chipboard - chipboard. Used for making furniture an economy version.
Kitchen made of MDF or solid wood are much more expensive. Finish also strongly affects the cost of kitchen units.
MDF - slab material made by pressing finely ground wood chips.
The facades of chipboard is relatively cheap, but impractical. On the door, lacquered or veneered, the price is higher, but these facades more beautiful and resistant to mechanical stress.

Another item of expenditure, which significantly increases the cost of the kitchen is kitchen storage systems and mechanisms. Lifting mechanisms for the doors, pull out metal baskets allow you to optimize kitchen workspace.

The choice of cuisine

To calculate the cost of food necessary to determine the size and configuration. First you need to draw a plan of the kitchen to scale. Then have the configuration choices of kitchen units – corner or straight. Is conventionally applied to the scheme of the kitchen cabinets. Considering the location of utilities, it is necessary to indicate on the plan the location of stoves, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerator. On the top row of kitchen cabinets it should also be noted the location of the drawing, to represent, where there will be cabinets and shelves.

After planning the kitchen, you need to decide the material and finish of the future kitchen. After drawing the plan the most important items, it is best to contact the salon furniture to the designer or Manager. To calculate the cost of food of any configuration based on the cost of materials and finishes, the designer will be able in 10 minutes.