You will need
  • the arch support;
  • - thrust bearing;
  • - nails;
  • - hammer;
  • glue.
The arch support is responsible for the convenience of your shoes, so when it wears out, becomes unusable, you lose the feeling of comfort wearing your favorite shoes. And this fact is able to disrupt even the most confident person. After leg – the part of the body which gets tired first, they represent the main load when walking.
With his health not to be trifled with, so the failed arch support must be replaced. This part of the Shoe is a shaped plate of steel tape, which has a bending in the form of pads. The instep at the same time keeps the heel and locks the leg lift.
Find the arch support to a particular pair of shoes. It should match the style and size, at least slightly exceed it. Then the plate should be clipped, but this action is still desirable.
Flex arch support the Shoe Shoe. It is possible to do for any height of the heel; the result was accurate to eliminate discomfort while walking. Give this stage sufficient time.
Remove the nails that attach the arch support to the insole and remove the disc. Insert replacement two hands so that its rear end reaches the middle of the top of the heel and the front was covered by prostenkoy. Secure with nails.
To secure the heel, set on the instep of a foot, the best of sheet metal, with nails or glue. And just for the bearing overlay cardboard insole, this can protect her from punching nail heads used to fix the arch support. Accordingly, this prevents rubbing or damage to the feet.
Arch supports can be fitted with an orthopaedic lining, which helps to solve specific problems of the feet, for example, flat feet or too high rise. These plates allow you to wear fashionable footwear for all people regardless of natural or acquired condition of a foot.