Be sure to consult a doctor, because at the root of your problem lies, most likely, some disease, which contributed to the emergence of a thorn. The doctor will be able to determine the cause of the spurs and assign a treatment that will relieve you not only from her but from disease. Any grandma's remedies only temporarily relieve the pain but the problem will remain.
In most cases, causes the appearance of "spurs" are an overload or trauma to the tendon. If you are injured, hold your limb at rest for two or three weeks. For pain can use any anti-inflammatory drugs in pill or candles. In medical institutions also used laser therapy and massage using the ointments anti-inflammatory action. If these measures are unsuccessful, once or twice carried out the injection of corticosteroids into the heel.
If the thorn in your foot is inflamed because you overloaded the leg uncomfortable shoes, start wearing looser shoes. "Unload" legs you can use the insoles and glides, as well as orthopedic shoes that can be ordered in specialized institutions.
Sometimes the tongue becomes inflamed due to infections of the foot. In this case, of course, take care of treatment of primary infection with antibiotics, you should prescribe the doctor.
To relieve pain use compresses on the area of the heel (horseradish root, black radish, cabbage with honey, plantain leaf, propolis) or rubbing herbs.
Strengthen your immune system regular use of vitamins A, B5, C, D, F, PP and minerals (selenium, zinc, calcium, iron, iodine, manganese). For your bones and joints just need a calcium.
Try to get rid of excess weight is also relieve unnecessary pressure on the feet. A diet helps not only feet but the whole body.