Many men begin to shave back in high school, when to shave, nothing special. For the amount of hair and the speed of their growth responsible hormone testosterone. In sufficient quantities it starts to be selected only in the period of puberty, which is manifested in owolosenie underarms, groin and face. The precursor of the bristle becomes fluffy, which appears only in the 10-11 class. The amount of testosterone depends on heredity. However, there are ways that will help to regulate the content of hormone in the blood.
For a start, refrain from eating foods containing caffeine – coffee, tea, chocolate, various soft drinks. A ban should be imposed on alcoholic drinks, particularly beer, which contains a substance similar to estrogen, a human hormone that suppresses the production of testosterone.
In the daily diet should add foods with a high content of zinc such as eggs, beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower nuts.
In parallel with the adjustment of power, should exercise endurance and strength. They will help to increase not only muscle, but also the amount of the desired hormone that stimulates the growth of facial hair. If a man is too fat, he needs to lose weight – the more fat, the more the female hormone estrogen to suppress testosterone.
Many are mistaken, believing that frequent shaving stimulates hair growth on the face. This is not so. Hair only stiffen, darken and become thicker, creating the illusion of an abundance of facial hair. However, for many this will be an excellent way out of the situation: within two weeks of shave her face at least two times a day. After that, leave him alone. After weeks you will notice that the bristles became more visible.
Regardless of whether you are going to grow a thick beard or to shave regularly, remember that stylish you will look when your face is tidy, so forget about sloppy stubble or hairs sticking out.