Advice 1: How to send a letter to Belarus

If you have friends in Belarus, you can come to mind to write them a letter. You may have plenty of reasons to use this way to transfer text information. Difficulties in sending no no, the main thing is to make the envelope.
How to send a letter to Belarus
If the letter is ready – select the envelope to send it. They are of two types: ordinary and designed to send air mail. Complete the fields with information about the sender and the recipient: name, address, postcode. If you don't know the exact index use Internet and search engines.
When you submit documents, please use the send as a "Precious letter". To this end, the post office will give you a special envelope and letterhead, describing the contents of the message.
Next question – price brands. It all depends on the weight of the letter. If a letter weighs up to twenty grams is about thirteen rubles, more weight means a greater cost of brand. More accurate information will show you in a post office where you want to make a shipment. If the weight exceeds a certain limit, the product shipment may be regarded as a parcel or package.
Method of sending through the mail is good for sending the original documents. If it is possible to send a copy, use Internet resources such as email, social networks, Skype. Make the scan the desired document, save it to a file. Create an email address on Yandex, Google or Mail. If you know the number mail a friend, beat it into the respective field on the website, attach file, type the desired text, and click send. In the same way you can share information in social networks such as "Vkontakte" or Facebook. Sign up on the website, fill the contents of your account, find a friend on first name and last name via the menu "Search". Send a request for adding friends. Write a letter and attach the necessary file, if necessary. Skype allows you to make video calls, ordinary audio calls and send messages. This requires becoming the program, create an account, find your friend and get ahold of him.

Advice 2: How to save sent emails

Known to have saved copies of outgoing letters is extremely important, but in the case of incorrect settings of the mailbox they can be lost or saved, not where it should be.
How to save sent emails
If you are faced with this problem, sending emails with your mailbox via the browser, check the checkboxes next to "Save copies of sent emails", it is in the settings box. As a rule, letters in this case, it will be automatically saved if they were sent successfully.

With e-mail clients all the more complicated. The letters sent with them are saved in your mailbox on the server, you must configure the client using POP 3 or IMAP with the ability to sync all folders.
For the client Thebat! this process will look as follows:
From the menu select "Create new box", enter your email address and name.
Select IMAP incoming mail server "imap.(the name of the server*).EN", outgoing server is "smtp.(server name).EN", check "My SMTP server requires authentication" (*for example,
Next, enter the email address and password, select "Leave messages on server" and "complete box".
Now select the item in the mailbox properties – "Leave messages on server".
In MS Outlook , the email is also saved by default in the "Sent" folder. It is enough to correctly configure your account: choose in the corresponding box, type the IMAP server and the server information "mail.(server name).EN", then select "email Settings" in the tab "outgoing Server" – "SMTP server requires authentication"– similar to my incoming mail server "mail setup" -> "Save copy in sent".

Also note that Outlook Express is limited to the capacity of the folder, and accordingly, if the file "Sent.dbx" reaches 2 GB, the copy of outgoing messages back becomes impossible, and you want to transfer the data file or deleted.
There is a possibility to set automatic save of sent emails in a special folder on the IMAP server, or you can specify individual folders to multiple recipients.
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