You will need
  • envelope, stamps
To send a message, first prepare it. Weight letters must not be more than 100g. If it turns out more or harder, you can send it as a parcel, the procedure is almost identical.
In the mail you need to buy an envelope, fill in address and choose the type of shipment. Simple letters are delivered the easiest way – put in the Inbox of the recipient. If the letter pulled out the bullies, mail does not bear any responsibility for it, and you will never be able to verify whether it happened actually or the letter got lost along the way. Registered mail differs in that it will give to the addressee only upon presentation of ID. The letter with the declared value will be paid by mail in case of loss during shipment. There are also registered mailings – such, for which a list is made, and before sealing of the envelope, the postal worker checks the validity of the information specified in the inventory.
Depending on the size of the letters you will need to pick up the envelope. They come in several sizes. The most popular is the envelopes 110x220 mm and 114х162мм, the largest allowable mail of Russia envelopes have a size of 229х324мм. The envelopes are standard sizes, usually have a brand, so in addition to get them is not necessary. It should be remembered that the brand pays for letters weighing 20g. So if your letter is heavier, it will return you underpaid. Therefore, it is better to weigh the envelope in the mail, if you are in doubt. If you do not specify a return address, extra stamps will have to pay to the recipient.
Fill out the address very carefully, because most problems and delivery delays are linked to the fact that the sender either does not write an index, or wrote it wrong, or sometimes wrong with the address or it is illegible.
To send a simple letter, put it in any mailbox. In order to guarantee the reliability of getting emails to the mail service, put it in a mail box only at the post office. Registered and declared value of the letter can be sent only by mail. All letters from the city go to the post office, so to speed up delivery 1-2 days, I can take the letter there.