You will need
  • - Blank inventory form 107;
  • - a sheet of paper for writing;
  • envelope;
  • - handle.
To start purchase a special form of Mail of the Russian Federation (form 107). It can be found on special websites that provide the forms of the established form, and also download from the official website of the Russian post and print. You can take this form directly to the post office operator. You will need two copies of the inventory. The first of them will be enclosed in the envelope together with a covering letter and a second, sealed, will be kept from you.
Complete inventory, listing all values that will be enclosed to send to the recipient. In addition, you will need a separate column to indicate the value of each position. If you lose you will be able to receive compensation. But remember that of that amount will depend on the cost of shipping.
Write a cover letter in which you can list all attachments with an indication of their value. Describe here the purpose of sending values. Sign the letter and date of its publication. In addition, you can write a request for confirmation of receipt and contact details to communicate with you.
Now sign the envelope. Traditionally provide beneficiary valuable letters and own. For individuals this is your name and home address, for organizations - name and actual address location. The envelope also write the total cost of the shipment figures , etca list in parentheses. Do not seal the envelope.
You have prepared an envelope with an attached letter filled with a list of values and pass to the postal operator for processing. It will check the attachments, comparing them with the inventory, sign the inventory, certify, and seal. Get your copy of the inventory and receipt of payment services, where you can find the ID number of the post poisoning. On the site of Russian post you will be able to use it to monitor the transportation of your letters.