You will need
  • address and personal data of the recipient;
  • - cash;
  • - the packaging.
"Mail of Russia" offers the following types of shipment: parcel post, parcel. For each of its parameters. The parcel involves the shipment of items weighing from 100 g to 2 kg and costing up to 10 thousand rubles. At a higher weight departure is called a "package." So book via the "Mail of Russia" sent by parcel post.
For starters, pack the book. If earlier wrapping of the parcel was required fabric trim, wax, sling, now, the workers will offer you a convenient cardboard box the right size.
Write on the box the address of the recipient and complete data (name). Pass the parcel to the postal worker. He will weigh and calculate the price of shipment. The cost of the parcel will depend on weight and method of administration: simple or custom. When sending registered parcels "Mail of Russia" ensures that it will reach the addressee, so its price is slightly above basic. On average, the delivery of ordinary parcels is 25,4 rubles for 100 g, custom – 33.15 rubles. For each 20 g should pay 1,25 RUB.
If you when sending books, specify its value in case of loss of cargo, you have the right to demand with "Mail of Russia" damages. However, when you declare value of the parcel is also indicated.
Air shipping is more expensive, but it is possible to send the book combined delivery, i.e. partly by air, partly – terrestrial. In this case, the cost of the parcel will be calculated in proportion to the distance.
Once you have selected the shipping method, filled out the required fields on the parcel, prepare the necessary amount calculated by the postal worker and pay it to the operator. The cashier will issue you a check about the shipment with indication of the paid amount. Save it before receiving the parcel by the addressee.
To track the shipment of your book will be using the online service on the website of "Mail of Russia".