You will need
  • standard form description of contents F. 107, a pen, an envelope with stamps
The list of contents to allow the recipient to know exactly what documents and in what quantity was sent to him. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of loss or damage of any value in the path.
In order to send valuable email with list of attachments, the sender must fill in two copies of the special mailers f-107. To obtain the form directly on email and fill his need there. We must remember that valuable letter with the investment inventory is sent in clear, i.e. to transfer it into the hands of a postal worker it should not be sealed.
In the form of the description of contents indicates the postal address and the name of the addressee and the name of the nested documents, their number and the amount of their assessment, if available. If the value of the nested documents not specified in the column "declared value" put a dash. After filling in the inventory, the sender puts his signature on each form and transmits them together with an open letter postal employee.
Postal clerk, in turn, needs to collate a list of attachments in both the forms, the recipient's address in the inventory and on the envelope, collate documents attached with the listing. If the attachments conform to list inventory, it shall affix a date stamp on every letterhead, signs them and puts one in a letter.
After sealing the valuable letter, issued payment receipt and together with the second copies of the list of attachments to the sender. You need to remember that the verification of inventories of postal service takes a fee, in addition to the cost of shipment of valuable letters. The cost for sending valuable letters with a list of attachments in Russia very small, but still preferable to bring an additional amount, or to call the post office to find out current rates for this service.