You will need
  • documents;
  • - copies of documents;
  • - inventory (if necessary);
  • envelope;
  • - the passport.
Prepare documents to send. If you need to send the originals, make copies of them. Try not to send paper without a cover letter.
Make the letteryou want to send. Put it in a simple mailing envelope or envelope for shipment of the first class, they are sold at the post office and marked with a yellow printed ribbon. The envelope seal is not necessary.
Come to one of the branches of Mail of Russia, seized identity document - passport. Fill in the registration form is a simple card, which you must specify to whom and where you are sending the letter. On this card will put the signature the recipient and will be sent to you subsequently.
If necessary, make a list of enclosures in the envelope. Fill out the form of the established sample, where it will list all documents that you send their number. The postmaster is required to check compliance and to put a stamp of loyalty. One embedded in the envelope, and the second remains at you. Please note, this is the only document that can prove that you sent those documents and papers, which state.
If needed, state the cost of the letter. In case of loss of shipment or damage mail will be obliged to reimburse you for this cost.
Pay the cost of sending a letter and collect a check, it shows the registration number of your shipment. With his help, on the site of Russian post you can keep track of every step of shipment of a registered letter.