The registered letters are usually sent all kinds of forms, reports, receipts – that is, documents that do not contain the specific material values. In the same way sent letters to various authorities. A shipping receipt issued to you at the post office guarantees delivery to the addressee under the signature. Diplomas, certificates, securities or magazines is better to send letters with declared value.
Deciding to send a certified letter, go to any branch of Mail of Russia. Best option – send to the post office, because all the letters from the district offices still come here to sort. You can save some time if it's important in your case.
Coming to the post, find the box marked "Send registered mail". Ask the postal worker what kind of envelope is needed for your writing. On sale are several different size options, including a special sealed envelopes. Total shipment weight must not exceed 100 grams, otherwise your letter will be framed as a parcel.
Decide if you would need a list of contents of the letter. This is important when you submit multiple documents. Making out the inventory, please refer to the postal worker – he will tell you how to do it right, or fill the inventory on their own, for an additional fee.
Be careful adesiva address. Don't forget the index and the name of the recipient is most frequent errors when sending. If your letter is sent abroad, keep in mind that in another country may be different rules of design'. Carefully enumerate the names of streets and towns in a foreign language – the employee of Russian post is unlikely to be able to check their correctness. Remember – the letter is written with incorrect addresses are returned to sender.
Consider whether you will require the acknowledgment of receipt of the letter. This is important if you need to know the date and time of receipt.
Again check the completeness of the attachments, the correct address and send the envelope and the letter to the postal worker. He seals the envelope, weigh the letter and tell you the amount you have to pay for shipping and additional services if they were provided.