If alcohol-dependent people are not aware of their disease and do not want to be treated, you need to gradually bring him to the thought of having to ask for help from professionals. Stop constantly to rescue a person from all the difficult situations in which he gets intoxicated. Not help him to justify to his superiors for absenteeism, not tidy and his clothes when he comes dirty and beaten.
Yes, it's very hard to look at his suffering and do nothing. But as soon as the alcoholic will have himself alone to solve their problems, he will think about what is happening that is not very favourable for him. He is going and goes for a beer to get drunk. Even looking for work to pay for their drinks.
When drinking husband, father or other family member is sober, tell him that you intend to protect themselves from the consequences of his drinking. Always keep your word, as otherwise the alcoholic will quickly work out what all your threats are empty. If you promised to call the district for a drunken brawler, immediately call, when the alcoholic will behave aggressively.
Unfortunately, under the law, to treat a patient with alcoholism is possible only with his consent. To gain permission for compulsory rehabilitation of a dependent can only be in court if an alcoholic has been repeatedly brought to trial and committed the offence.
If you secretly decided to mix in food or drink patient drugs from alcoholism, remember that it is very dangerous for human health. To assign specific tools and procedures and to calculate the dose can only be a specialist-psychiatrist.
Often the alcoholic does not feel sick and do not understand your concern. Sometimes he just doesn't remember you and your deeds committed in a state of intoxication. Your stories about his "adventures" seemed to him the invention and exaggeration.
Until one has realized the full depth of his fall, yet he did not understand all the difference between a sober and drunk life, he will not go to treatment voluntarily. Use different means to show an alcoholic the entire baseness of his conduct under the influence of alcohol.
Bring your family album and look at the sick man cards where he is shown happy and wholesome man. Show and the photos that you do when an alcoholic was drunk. Maybe the shock of the guide dependent on the true path.
To film a "performance" drunk in the video and show him the video when he was sober. The shame and the regret incurred by the person, will help him to decide on treatment.
Don't believe of various wizards and mages who offer to cure the alcoholic by pictures. This will be a useless expenditure of large sums of money, your nerves and precious time.