You will need
  • - a written waiver.
If you got sick, called a doctor or ambulance, and you are offered admission, you may go to inpatient treatment or to refuse it and ask them to prescribe a full course of therapy in the outpatient setting.
The doctor who has examined you and has offered you the admission to the hospital, is obliged to receive from you a written waiver, which will be proof that all the responsibility for the life and health you lay only on himself.
In case of refusal of hospitalization of minors, incapable or partially capable persons, the denial must write to parents, guardians or legal representatives of said citizens.
The patient, a disease which is dangerous to others, or not responsible for his actions because of a mental disorder may be hospitalized forced by court order with the involvement of law enforcement.
Also, a court decision can force to hospitalize patients with severe disease requiring immediate medical or surgical intervention. Involuntary placement in the hospital made without input from the patient, parents, guardians, legal representatives or relatives.
If you are already hospitalized, you have the right to interrupt him. For this we turn to the chief physician of the medical institution with a written statement of refusal of further treatment. The doctor does not have the right to refuse you because your health is your own business. Refusal can come in if you were forcibly hospitalised because of diseases, dangerous to others, or if the failure to treat threatens your life.
Authorized employees of the medical institution may apply to the court for orders about your further stay in the walls of the hospital.