In the Russian Federation has not yet adopted a law on compulsory treatment, it is a work in progress, so treatment is necessary the desire of the addict. A methadone clinic is totally free can help you survive the break-up, but to heal, relieve as the break-up is totally inadequate. Will require a host of costly and complex procedures for the release from captivity of drugs. In most cases, immediately after the release of addiction medicine, where doctors saved the life of and filmed the break-up, a drug addict, not reaching the native threshold, is to seek another dose.
For persuasion, you should choose the appropriate moment. While taking drugs the brain of the addict is completely disabled, all thoughts are focused only on the production of the next dose. He sees around him, nothing and no one, lives in his own world under the name "buzz". At this point, the conversations and beliefs will not bring the desired results.
Keep up with the conversations, beliefs and arguments you need in that moment, when I need removed drugs from the body are removed and a drug addict, though vague, but realise something. Even better, if the conversation will lead his partner, who refused drug or family member, which was at least some respect.
Conversation should be constructive and convincing. In addiction you can invite a professional therapist or psychologist who will talk with the patient and adjust the treatment.
The most constructive is the conversation with those who are already ripe for decision to quit drugs forever and to undergo treatment and rehabilitation, but is afraid of breaking. When she behind, ahead there are no barriers for starting with drugs. Most often psychologically prepared, those who survived a series of losses and losses. Those who were protected and who does not suffer from the global problem of drugs is still not psychologically ready for conviction, no matter how constructive they are. But taking drugs then, will come the problems and the losses, unfortunately, up to this point to persuade the addict to get treatment is almost impossible, even with established friends, psychotherapists and psychologists.
Millions of parents look forward to, when finally the law on compulsory treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics will be accepted. What kind of freedom and human dignity is possible to say in this situation when people are not themselves, directly go to the abyss and require involuntary care and professional treatment.