If you go on the contrary, for weight gain you need to eat all that is forbidden during the diet for weight loss. That is, absorb more of the sweets, breads, cakes, muffins, grease, fried, and unhealthy. The weight will definitely increase, but it will happen due to the accumulation of fat imbalances in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. With fast set pounds of muscle tissue and skin will not cope in these parts of the body, and stretch marks and many other imperfections.
Diet for weight gain must be, though high in calories, but healthy and balanced. And along with meals do not forget about physical exercises that will strengthen muscles, boost muscle mass. By the way, the main load should be power, not aerobic exercise.
Calorie intake should be due to high protein content – it is responsible for plastic processes in the body. Eat foods rich in amino acids, minerals and of course vitamins. For better absorption of food in the diet is desirable to include and herbal products. From vegetables, fruits and greens digestibility of food will only increase. Don't avoid multi-component and the first and second courses. If you wish, then indulge in rich and sweet food, but within reasonable limits.
For effective weight gain should be diet – eating should occur at least 3-4 times a day. Do not skip Breakfast, lunch, multi-course meals and hearty dinners. The portion of food should be great. As a rule, women with underweight traditionally eat small meals, for weight gain have to change habits, learn to eat a lot.
For a quality increase muscle mass the number of calories consumed should be more than usual – from 2300 calories a day (daily norm of calories for women of average weight is 1800-2000). In order not to hurt the body, do not increase the volume of food intake sharply, jerkily - this can lead to heaviness and discomfort in the stomach and provoke the exacerbation of other diseases. The most important rule which should be observed as when dieting to lose weight, and when referring to methods weight is a balance between exercise and calories consumed.