To gain weight, it is necessary to increase the appetite, and change your daily diet.
It is necessary to stimulate the appetite. Before you sit down to eat, you need to drink fruit or vegetable juice. Suitable and beer, but it is better soft.
Eat at least five times a day, at equal intervals of time approximately. Most important – try to keep the feeling of hunger, otherwise all efforts on a set of pounds will be wasted. If you're hungry - eat something, don't force yourself to starve.
After a meal try to rest quietly sit or even better lie down for 40 minutes, giving the body the ability to better digest food.
If you want to gain weight, the food for the most part should come from proteins, i.e. fish, meat, eggs. Especially useful for chicken – chicken meat is well absorbed, and its protein helps the muscles to acquire the necessary relief. Each day eat curd, it is better to choose one that contains the highest percentage of fat. Drink fat milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt.
Don't forget about fats. Salads can be olive, soybean or sunflower oil. By the way, as vitamin E will affect not only the metabolism but also on the exterior – it is called the beauty vitamin.
The appearance of fatty tissue, along with proteins helps carbohydrates. So feel free to eat pasta, white bread, sugar, honey, potatoes, sweets and all the rest, from which those who dream to lose weight, shy, like fire.
Ensure your diet is balanced and rich in mineral elements and vitamins. If necessary, start taking vitamins.