Choose foods that help gain weight

A good option for those who want to add to my weight a few extra pounds, will be the pasta. Choose spaghetti, lasagne, noodles, pasta – in short, something you like more. It is recommended to Supplement the dish with bacon is a very nutritious food to quickly recover.
Fat, fatty pieces of pork in the gravy and duck meat also helps you to correct your figure, especially if you eat them regularly. But we should not abuse this food.

Make sure you pay attention to fatty fish, which includes omega-3. It is, in particular, salmon, tuna, sardines. These products contain not only a large amount of calories, but also useful for human body substances, therefore, their use would be a great option for your figure and your health.

For Breakfast eat sandwiches with butter and fatty cheese. The best option for those who want to get better – cheddar, and soft cheeses. Such products are useful and high-calorie. By the way, butter can not only eat Breakfast but also add in meals that you cook for lunch and dinner.
Eat vegetable oil: it can be used not only for cooking but also as an additive to salads.

To help get better donuts and pastries, chocolate, sweet berries. The wonderful high-calorie drink is a smoothie made from whole milk with cream, berries and bananas. Use it bananas – this fruit is useful for those who want to gain weight.

Another suitable product, in this case potatoes. You must add it to salads, bake, fry. Good for the body and at the same time a very high calorie dish – boiled potatoes with Ryzhikova oil.

Useful tricks for those who want to become better

Milk helps not only recover, but to get a beautiful figure without any flabby fat. You can not only drink it but also to prepare for cocktails, cooking porridge.

Use fatty gravies and salad dressings. In casseroles, add cooked fatty meat, beans, cheese, nuts. By the way, nuts can be eaten just as a snack during the day. This product is healthy and contains a lot of calories. The best option is macadamia, pine, walnut, Brazilian nuts, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts. Coconuts, pistachios and chestnuts are in this case much less efficient.