Breakfast. A glass of fruit juice you will not get off, but not really necessary. Moreover, to start Breakfast. Further - cereal. The portion should be large. Cooked cereals: pre-soak in milk, when they swell, fill with honey, nuts and grated Apple. To finish the Breakfast you need 2-3 cups of hot cocoa with a large piece of white bread with butter.
The second Breakfast (lunch). It needs to be 3 hours after the first Breakfast. Choose one of two options.

Option 1: a glass of fruit juice and a Cup of hot broth with the egg yolk.

Option 2: a large sandwich with butter and sausage, Cup of yogurt high fat content, chocolate.
Lunch. A salad liberally dressed with high-calorie mayonnaise. Soup with vegetables in thick chicken broth (option: Cup of strong broth with crackers). The second – meat (preferably pork, but any other) with a side dish of pasta or mashed potatoes. If you want to garnish the rice, season it with sour cream or cream sauce (however, it is not forbidden to water them and pasta). Definitely coffee with cream. For dessert, fruit.
An afternoon snack. 3 hours after lunch.

Option 1: salad with chicken or steak, generously seasoned with high-calorie mayonnaise, a big sandwich with butter, chocolate.

Option 2: meat pies, or a pie with mushrooms, or cheese pie with sour cream (optional), hot tea with honey or hot chocolate (2-3 cups).
Dinner. Option 1: scrambled eggs (2-3 eggs), fried potatoes (large portion), sausage sandwich.

Option 2: large serving of vegetable salad, pasta with minced meat, topped with grated cheese, a sandwich with butter.

And the other option to complete two cups of rich milk.
Before going to sleep. An Apple and a glass of warm milk (preferably with honey).