You will need
  • products with a high content of protein and starch;
  • - juices and non-alcoholic beer;
  • cream;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - med;
  • - jam;
  • - bars;
  • oil;
  • - dried fruits;
  • - bread;
  • - cocktail.
To gain weight, you need to go on a diet, but this is a special diet. It is necessary to increase the appetite, and change your daily diet.
Encourage appetite. Effective means in this case – a glass of fruit or vegetable juice, drunk before a meal. In addition, the appetite stimulating non-alcoholic beer.
Increase the frequency of eating to 5-6 times per day. To be effective, if to eat after equal intervals of time. Do not have a clear sense of hunger, because all the efforts over the set weightwill be in vain.
Enrich your diet with foods food with high protein content (peas, beans, lentils and other legumes), and starch, including rice and potatoes. That protein helps to build muscle tissue. But in any case don't replace the protein, fats and carbohydrates, as they – the main source of calories.
Among the products that pay special attention, poultry, nuts, salmon, peanut butter, eggs, cheese, cream curds, ice cream and other high calorie products. Also, enrich your diet with nectar and canned in syrup fruits, and bread and pasta.
Prepare a special protein shake. To do this, mix a pack of cheese with a glass of cream and a few tablespoons of honey or jam. This mixture not only incredibly tasty, but also useful, and will give the desired result.
Don't forget about fats. Salads liberally fill, soybean, sunflower, or olive oil. Among other things, contained in the oil vitamin E not only a beneficial effect on occur in the body processes, but also affect the appearance.
In between meals, start snacking. Suitable in this case dried fruits, cheese sticks, candy bars, cocktails, breads and other Goodies.